Yard Construction

Yard Construction

Some of the work that Jeffrey Williams Landscaping does is a bit more complicated than simple planting. There are components involved in landscaping that make it necessary to do some major construction. This is why the design aspect of landscaping and the artistic design portion of exterior spaces often overlap.

We are definitely not afraid to get our hands dirty. Take a look at the types of actual construction we do as a part of our landscaping services for our customers:

Many times a landscape project calls for the addition of pathways or walkways. Any time bricks, pavers, stone, or shell are used in a setting, we call that a construction job. Naturally, if a retaining wall is necessary, we will use mortar and the building material to construct the wall.

When we build a pond or other water features, we will need track hoe to dig out the area where the water feature will be located, perhaps even a bulldozer, and will need the assistance of our excellent construction crew.

Drainage correction is always best left to the experts. Even small imperfections in this area of construction can cause disastrous ramifications down the line.

Repairing or installing of fencing can make a huge difference in the ambience of your landscaping and can be a welcome provider of privacy and protection.

Masonry and hardscapes are areas in which we can get extremely artistic and remain practical and utilitarian, at the same time. With concrete and other materials we can provide you with patio fire pits, grilling areas, pond edgings, special water features, sidewalks, patios, and much more.

Our construction expertise also includes:f2d86a_ff108cb6471e4f15b1b32ef5b6e6fdbe_jpg_srz_213_218_85_22_0_50_1_20_0

  • Pouring new concrete
  • Cleaning concrete
  • Coloring concrete
  • Garage floors
  • Resurfacing concrete


No job is too big or too small for Jeffrey Williams Landscaping. We have done it all, and usually we have done it many, many times.

Let us be your landscaping specialists. Call the company that really knows what they are doing.